Review: Adventure Time 6.05 „Sad Face“.

„Three whole pennies! Think you can make me that kind of money?“

Adventure Time is back for one of its more silly episodes – but unlike James II„, „Sad Face“ does it with grace. The episode sidelines Finn’s struggles with his right arm for an imaginative exploration of what happens when Jake sleepwalks. The episode is driven by a strong idea, its execution is good but not great.

Source: YouTube: Adventure Time Sad Face long trailer. (c) Cartoon Network. No copyright infringement intended, this is for educational purposes only.

Once a month, Jake’s tail takes on a life of its own: while Jake sleeps, his tail sleepcrawls off to a circus to perform as a clown. If that’s not one of the best episode loglines I’ve ever read, I don’t know what to think.

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Review: Adventure Time 6.04 „The Tower“.

„YARG, my arm!“

After a very lackluster outing („James II„) last week, Adventure Time snaps right back to its familiar high quality: „The Tower“ deals with the aftermath of the season premiere in a way that’s both imaginative and emotionally resonant.

Quelle: YouTube: The Tower long trailer, screencap. (c) Cartoon Network, no copyright infringement intended. This is for educational purposes only.

Finn is tired of the dorky replacement arms the princesses have given him, with every clumsy movement a reminder of how his father abandoned him for a second time. Like any young hero, he decides to try to deal with it in the easiest way possible: by seeking revenge…

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Review: Adventure Time 6.03 „James II“.

„It’s time James takes his eternal nap.“

After the entirely tremendous „Escape from the Citadel„, Adventure Time comes up with its first real stinker in a long time. „5.42 James“ had already been a pretty lackluster episode, but its follow-up is even worse: few jokes, an uninspired plot and a lack of an emotional hook make „James II“ an underwhelming entry in the show’s otherwise stellar recent history.

Quelle: YouTube: Adventure Time James II Long Preview, screencap. (c) Cartoon Network. No copyright infringement intended, this is for educational purposes only.

James XXVI heroically sacrifices his life to save Princess Bubblegum’s life – sorta. When PB decides she is done with cloning James and enlists Finn and Jake to clear out his house, they discover that James has only been faking his death – and instead been collecting medals for bravery. PB is not amused…

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Review: Adventure Time 6.01 & 6.02 „Wake Up“/ „Escape from the Citadel“.

„You are strong, child, but I am beyond strength.“

Coming off its best season yet, Adventure Time doesn’t pull any punches with its 6th season premiere. The two-parter „Wake Up„/ „Escape from the Citadel“ is the most audacious and gruesome episode of the show’s entire run, and it will be hard-pressed to ever produce such a mightily mythology-heavy, premise changing episode again. To top it all off, the season premiere is an entirely heart-wrenching episode too – making it a strong contender for becoming Adventure Time’s signature episode.

Source: YouTube: Episode 6.1 Long Preview. (c) Cartoon Network. No copyright infringement intended, this is for educational purposes only.

Wake Up„/ „Escape from the Citadel“ follows up on the cliffhanger courtesy of Billy’s Bucket List„: Finn’s dad is alive, and he’s at the Citadel, the universe’s (or some universe’s, I guess) top prison. In order to get there, Finn and Jake have to commit a „cosmic crime“. All seems to go reasonably well until the nemesis of all life, the Lich, shows up, and thwarts their plans…

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Review: Adventure Time 5.52 „Billy’s Bucket List“.

„Was that you or was that me?“

And thus concludes Adventure Times gargantuan Season 5. I cannot stress enough just how impressively the show has expanded its scope from a funny yet extremely episodic show to one that enriches its characters, story and plot with almost every episode in a meaningful way. Not all too surprisingly, the season finale brings us another huge and interesting plot development, even though „Billy’s Bucket List“ cannot quite match the emotional intensity of the prior episodes.

Adventure Time 5.52 rap battle

Billy is Finn’s great idol, but died some time ago. Together with Billy’s ex-girlfriend Canyon, Finn discovers the hero’s unfinished bucket list, and vows to finish it for him. One of the items on the list: „Tell Finn that thing.“ Gee, thanks, Billy…

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Review: Adventure Time 5.50 & 5.51 „Lemonhope“.

„A debt unpaid is not easily forgotten.“

It is safe to say that Adventure Time is consistently among the most surprising shows on air. You never know what you will get when you tune in to a new episode – and sometimes, you still don’t quite know what you have seen after an episode has aired. „Lemonhope“ sure is a headscratcher, full of tiny random tidbits (sand pirate ship!?), but it is also grounded in a compelling story of a young lemon searching for freedom and a place to call home.

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Castle Lemongrab has become a totalitarian state, with its inhabitants waiting for their savior: Lemonhope. Too bad the kid is not a fan of that burden at all – after being pressed to help his country by Princess Bubblegum, he instead decides to venture out into some wild adventures…

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Review: Adventure Time 5.48 „Betty“.

„Or maybe I’m just normal again.“

It has been a while since I’ve checked in with Adventure Time, and that’s a pity: the series has been on a roll lately. With a startling ambition to sensibly extend its boundaries (and cast) on an almost weekly basis, Adventure Time has become so much more than the fun but somewhat plain show it started out as. „Betty“ is a great example of that – the episode that finally answers the long-standing question of what happened to the significant other of the Ice King could have easily been just a great stand-alone episode, but Adventure Time instead opts to make it change the show“s scope once again forever.

Quelle: Adventure Time wikia - Episode "Betty"

A ritual to summon the evil magician Bellanoche goes awry and ends up sucking out all magic of the present wizards – including the Ice King. He is transformed back to his former self, Simon Petrikov, with only little memory of what has transpired during the long tenure as the Ice King. One thing he does remember, though: he needs to find Betty, the woman he loves…

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